album #1 Copy This! -
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  • Copy This! The Idea for this album was to give it away for free and let everyone share and copy the album. Recorded at Whitetrash Sudios in 2009.

    album #2 LOUD -
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  • LOUD was recorded at Russian River Studios in the summer of 2011. The album was engineered by Timin Murray of Prairie Sun Recording Studios and mastered by Issac Moreno at SOMW Studios in Nashville Tn.

    album #3 Haulin' Ass Gettin' Paid -
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  • Haulin' Ass Gettin' Paid was recorded in our studio, written, mixed and produced by The Whitetrash Superstars during the summer of 2015. The title was taken from the $10.0000k dollar bill in the movie Idiocracy.

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